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Take An Alcohol Break or Quit, Your Choice, No Pressure

By K.C. Powell - Live4Five

There is a growing population of social drinkers who know the negative effects of alcohol on their body and want to address it. Alcohol takes a significant toll on every major organ including: Liver, heart, brain and pancreas. Despite what some may want you to believe, there are countless benefits from not drinking alcohol and zero proven benefits from drinking alcohol.

Here is a short film by Gareth Bowler that highlights what many people go through.

There is significant peer pressure in social situations to drink alcohol and not drinking with coworkers or friends can be taken the wrong way. A Live4Five dry season challenge gives you a "Hall Pass" and makes it OK for you to take a break from alcohol. You can point to your financial participation in Live4Five to show your resolve and your benevolence in supporting our Charities. Your drinking friends will quickly get behind you and those participating with you will provide that all important camaraderie that many people need.”

A recent study found participants who quit drinking for a five-week period saw a reduced risk of liver damage, improved glucose balance, and weight loss, according to Medical Daily. A month without alcohol has shown to lower cancer-promoting proteins in your blood. In addition, your skin elasticity improves, and proven mental and emotional benefits as drinking alcohol can lead to bad decisions.

Yes, a dry season challenge can also help you evaluate your alcohol consumption and put into perspective how alcohol is impacting your life both professionally and socially.

Participate in the next dry event. There is one at the beginning of every calendar quarter. You will look better, feel better and could lose anywhere from 5 – 10 pounds.

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