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What to expect in your dry season 

The majority of people focus on working out and diet to improve health but then overlook alcohol, the one key factor that creates major havoc on the body. 


Why?  Some are addicted, others self-medicate, and many just the culture of drinking from peer pressure.  We understand the social aspect, that is what Live 4 Five is stands for in both our dry and open seasons.     


In terms of effects from drinking on the body, the way your body feels is dependent on how often you drink, how many years you have been drinking and other key factors like genetics and age.


In general, if you drink once a week or more you probably feel:

·         General achy feeling

·         Tingly or hard tongue

·         Extended belly

·         Achy back

·         Swollen face

·         Red face

·         Swollen nose

·         Detached nose

·         Nauseated

·         Irritable

·         Headaches

·         Slow reaction time

·         Foggy headed non-focused

·         Poor balance

Refraining from drinking over a period of time can and will reverse some of these effects.  See Health Benefits for more.

NOTE:  If you are having serious health issues please consult your doctor.  In no way should Live 4 Five replace advice from your medical professional.

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