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If you are beginning one of our Live 4 Five dry seasons, congratulations!  Expect powerful changes in your body over the coming weeks. 


We encourage you to take a picture of yourself so you have a before and after shot.  We also encourage you to video document the way you feel each day so you can track your changes.  You will also be able to post videos to our community pages. 


Although health benefits will vary from person to person you should feel some or all of these effects. 


Week 1

Congratulations, you are embarking on a healthy journey.  While the transformation does not begin until week two, you should begin to feel improvements in:

·         General achiness

·         Nausea

·         Headaches

·         Night Sweats gone

Week 2

The real transformation begins.  You should feel improvements in:

·         Tongue will become softer,  tingling will dissipate

·         Extended belly will begin to shrink

·         General achiness and stiffness reduced

·         Irritation will be reduced

·         Swollen face will begin to shrink 

·         Swollen or distended nose will begin to tingle


Week 3

Physical effects vary as your body expels poison.  Some people report improved effects while others report feeling worse.  In general you should feel these improvements:

·         You will begin to look healthier

·         Nose will tingle more as it shrinks

·         Sinus Inflammation will reduce

               You may feel nauseated as your body expels

               You may begin to blow your nose more 

·         Swollen nose will shrink and feel more attached

·         Red face will begin to regain natural color


Week 4

Week four and five are the biggest transformation weeks.  In general you should feel these improvements

·         You will look healthier

·         General achiness gone

·         Gut shrunken and excess alcohol weight gone

·         Reaction time improved, synapses firing faster

·         Balance improved

·         Nose will look smaller and feel more attached


Week 5

Week five is the biggest transformation week as your body has changed.  In general you should feel these improvements

·         You will feel much younger and healthier than when you began

·         Face shrunk back to normal

·         Nose shrunk and tight

·         Achiness completely gone

·         Gut back to normal size

·         Reaction time completely restored

·         Balance optimal


Note after week five you may not feel like drinking again.  It will almost feel as if you are putting poison in your body with that first drink. 

If you choose to resume drinking, please remember that your body has changed.  You will not be able to consume the same level you were able to some five weeks ago.  Proceed with caution you are now a “light weight” and should drink responsibly.

NOTE:  If you are having serious health issues please consult your doctor.  In no way should Live 4 Five replace advice from your medical professional.

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