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Live4Five Dry Season Testimonials - John

By K.C. Powell

One of the best ways to learn about is to hear from someone who has participated in one of the dry season events.

John, one of our three-time participants provides some perspective below.

"Whenever I participate in a Live4Five dry season I notice different changes depending on the week. 

For example: 

Week#1 - is always a feeling out week, getting used to not having a beer when bored.

Week#2 - I always notice changes like better sleep and more energy.

Week#3 - I feel great and hit the gym for some exercise.

Week#4 and 5 always sail by with less joint stiffness and less alcohol calories helping me drop 10 lbs each dry season."

Alcohol takes a significant toll on every major organ including: Liver, heart, brain and pancreas. Despite what some may want you to believe, there are countless benefits from not drinking alcohol and zero proven benefits from drinking alcohol.

A recent study found participants who quit drinking for a five-week period saw a reduced risk of liver damage, improved glucose balance, and weight loss, according to Medical Daily.

Many report they look 5 to 10 years younger and drop 5 to 10 pounds. See testimonials:

Do you have the willpower to succeed? There is significant peer pressure in social situations to drink alcohol and not drinking with coworkers or friends can be taken the wrong way. A Live4Fivedry season challenge gives you a "Hall Pass" and makes it OK for you to take a break from alcohol. You can point to your financial participation in Live4Five to show your resolve and your benevolence in supporting our Charities like children's cancer and keeping our oceans clean.

Participate in the next dry event. There is one at the beginning of every calendar quarter. Get Started Here:

Go alcohol free for 5 weeks to heal your body, change the world

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