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LIVE4FIVE Salutes All Who Completed The Hardest Dry Season EVER

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

By K.C. Powell

I’m always impressed with any social drinker who steps up and shows alcohol whose boss by taking a 5 week alcohol break. I’ve got to say however that the Hankinson crew gave the bottle a major face slap during the last Live4Five dry season.

For a crew that was no stranger to alcohol, in a time of Covid19 uncertainty and heavy alcohol consumption, this pod pulled off what I now call the hardest Live4five dry season ever.

It was a blast to be part of their weekly sessions. I was able to see the Hankinson pod transform challenges and (some with) withdrawal depression, into a “You aren’t in charge of me alcohol” attitude. It was so entertaining to listen to the stories each week like the Russian roulette a couple played one night to see who would give in and drink first. As their favorite alcohol drinks sat on the table in front of them neither one would give in.

It was so fun to hear from the mom who said F it, I’m going to drink, poured her favorite beverage in a solo cup and walked to the side yard. She contemplated for a moment and decided she wasn’t going to give in and gleefully dumped her cup out in the bushes. She “just couldn’t let herself and the team down.”

I felt lucky to watch a guy who was a major drinker before his first Live4Five dry season transform himself 10X in his second dry season. He not only added the recommended detox supplements but added his own exercise program with a major diet change and an intense fasting regimen. He lost a ton of weight and transformed both his mind and body. He turned himself into something that was always inside but was never fully realized until his second Live4Five.

Hankinson pod I salute you, too much fun hanging out with you guys every week. Congratulations to you and congratulations to everyone who participated in the hardest Live4five EVER.

If you and your friends want to heal your body and change the world there is a Live4Five dry season every quarter. Learn more here:

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