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Live4Five Dry Season Testimonials - Sean

By K.C. Powell

One of the best ways to learn about a dry season is to hear from someone who has participated in one.

Here is some perspective from Sean, one of our two-time Dry Season participants.

"I was very nervous about trying this, but I realized I probably needed the break from alcohol. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I committed and completed the 5 weeks without having a drink.

The feelings I had were a range of emotions from feeling sad, depressed, angry, to happy and healthy.

Overall it ended up being much easier than I anticipated and I learned a great deal about alcohol and myself through this process. I do realize the benefits that came with it, I am happy I did this and I look forward to trying this again next quarter. 

I do enjoy drinking and not looking to fully cut that out, but the 5 weeks is doable and probably exactly what I needed and what I most certainly will be ready for next quarter."  

There is significant peer pressure in social situations to drink alcohol and not drinking with coworkers or friends can be taken the wrong way. A Live4Fivedry season challenge gives you a "Hall Pass" and makes it OK for you to take a break from alcohol. You can point to your financial participation in Live4Five to show your resolve and your benevolence in supporting our Charities. Your drinking friends will quickly get behind you and those participating with you will provide that all important camaraderie that many people need.

Go alcohol free for 5 weeks and not only improve your health but help raise funds for important charities like children's cancer, keeping our oceans clean and YOU the Live4Five community.

There is a Live4Five dry season at the beginning of every quarter. If you and your friends would like to heal your body and change the world, sign up here: Participate

Heal your body and change the world. Live4Five!

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