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Live4Five Dry Season Testimonials - Kaitlyn

By K.C. Powell

One of the best ways to learn about a dry season is to hear from someone who has participated in one.

Below is some great perspective from Kaitlyn, one of our two-time participants.

“I participated in the Live4Fve dry season for the first time recently. At first, I was a bit skeptical, but wanted to be supportive for my husband who wanted to try it.

I am not a daily drinker, but it was hard in the beginning for me to realize I wasn't able to get any relief from daily stress through alcohol. It got much easier as the days past and I was more active than normal and I started feeling much better. Towards the end of the 5 weeks I started to get nervous about drinking again as I was noticing so many benefits from not drinking.

I hope that feeling lasts, but it's OK if it doesn't. I look forward to another future break next quarter.”    

Alcohol takes a significant toll on every major organ including: Liver, heart, brain and pancreas. Despite what some may want you to believe, there are countless benefits from not drinking alcohol and zero proven benefits from drinking alcohol. A recent study found participants who quit drinking for a five-week period saw a reduced risk of liver damage, improved glucose balance, and weight loss, according to Medical Daily.

A month without alcohol has shown to lower cancer-promoting proteins in your blood.

Go alcohol free for 5 weeks and not only improve your health but help raise funds for important charitable causes like children's cancer and keeping our oceans clean.

There is a Live4Five dry season at the beginning of every quarter. If you and your friends would like to heal your body and change the world, sign up here: Participate

Heal your body and change the world. Live4Five!

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