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Live4Five Dry Season Testimonial - Ara

By K.C. Powell

One of the best ways to learn about is to hear from someone who has already participated in one of the dry season events. Below is a perspective from Ara, one of our spokesmodels and dry season participants.

A Live4Five dry season just began this week. Find our more here: PARTICIPATE

“It’s always good for me and really everyone, to get a little break from alcohol.  It just reminds me of activities that I can do without the need of involving alcohol.  Bottom line is it makes me feel so much healthier, it clears up my skin and I lose a lot of weight.  That’s why I personally love doing live4five and you will too.  Join in on the next dry season.”    

Go alcohol free for 5 weeks and not only improve your health but help raise funds for important charitable causes like children's cancer and keeping our oceans clean.

There is a Live4Five dry season at the beginning of every quarter. If you and your friends would like to heal your body and change the world, sign up here: Participate

Heal your body and change the world. Live4Five!

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Get The Behind-The Scenes Health Secrets of a Five Week Alcohol Break

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