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Live4Five Dry Season Testimonials - Corey

By K.C. Powell

One of the best ways to learn about is to hear from someone who has participated in one of the dry season events.

Below is some perspective from Corey, one of the original collaborators of our 5 week challenge.

“I feel amazing every time I participate in a Live4Five dry season event.  I have more energy when I break from the normal routine and my health drastically improves. 

I am less congested which improves my running and surfing. 

The non-drinking binge provides better clarity, focus and meditation that helps me focus on important tasks I need to accomplish.”

the movement started several years ago as a non drinking bet between friends but quickly escalated into a movement. It has grown steadily into a supportive community focused on non-drinking challenges and social events.

It is difficult to classify the experience as it touches so many categories. The primary focus is helping members achieve optimal health through quarterly breaks from alcohol, the “Dry Season”. Then, it’s a social community focused on fun events in the “Open Season.” Most notably, the important byproduct is a charitable aggregator focused on helping childhood illness and environmental issues.

Go alcohol free for 5 weeks and not only improve your health but help raise funds for important charitable causes like children's cancer and keeping our oceans clean.

Participate in the next dry event. There is one at the beginning of every calendar quarter. You will look better, feel better and could lose anywhere from 5 – 10 pounds.

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