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What is Live4Five?

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Live4Five is a Non-Profit organization focused on achieving optimal health in our member community through a periodic abstinence of alcohol. In addition to supporting Live4Five, your participation in our events goes towards supporting these important charitable causes:

At the beginning of every quarter we practice a dry season and abstain from alcohol for five weeks. Some of the health benefits you will receive in our dry season events can be found here:

We also support alcohol friendly events in an open season found here:

Many religions practice both a cleansing season and a celebration season. As a society we have moved away from those cleansing practices while disproportionately embracing the celebration practices. Our aim is to strike a healthy balance for most, and to help shepherd those who desire it, to dry land.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, allowing your body time to rest and heal is just common sense. This is what we call a rhythmic balance, this is what we call Live 4 Five.

Heal your body and change the world. Live4Five:

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