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Week 1 - Victorious or Inglorious?

So you are finishing up your first week of no drinking, congratulations!

The hardest part of the first week is always kicking the habit. Other than that, the first week is not ground breaking. Well, that is unless you are a person who drinks every day. If that is the case you are already feeling it.

For most of us the real change begins during week two but if you drink once a week (or more) your body has already begun the detoxification process.

Eating right, exercise, hot tubs and lots of water will help but you can super charge the cleanse process with a great liver cleanse. Check this one out:

The formula is 10X MORE ABSORBABLE & 20X MORE EFFECTIVE than standard milk thistle. It’s great for drinkers and nondrinkers alike.

For those that are interested in joining the current dry season, it's not too late to reap the health benefits.

Here is what to expect in the weeks to come:

Do you have the willpower?

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