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Tomorrow is November 4th. For some of us this is a day for celebration because you have just gone five weeks without drinking. Congratulations, this is quite an accomplishment that you’ve achieved.

Revel in this achievement. Others will say they can stop, but they lack the motivation to try and the willpower to succeed. Unlike you, they will never reap the health benefits you have just gained by allowing your body time to rest and heal.

You have just conquered:

· General achiness

· Tingly or hard tong

· Extended belly (OK you lost weight)

· Achy back

· Swollen face

· Red face

· Swollen nose

· Detached nose

· Nauseated

· Irritable

· Headaches

· Slow reaction time

· Foggy headed non-focused

· Poor balance

Take a picture of yourself and compare it to one taken 5 weeks. If you don’t look like a younger version of yourself you sure feel it don’t you?

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