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Cheat Your Hangover

Not that you or I as model citizens have ever experienced a hangover before, but from what I hear it’s an unpleasant experience. Typical symptoms include a headache, dizziness, fatigue, gastrointestinal distress (ok let’s say vomiting), loss of appetite, depression, sweating, nausea, irritability, drowsiness, lack of concentration, dry mouth and anxiety. Basically the gift that just keeps on giving.

Excess alcohol consumption causes damage to your liver and the rest of your body doesn’t fare so well either. So what’s the solution? Get the alcohol out of your body as soon as possible. Well maybe avoiding alcohol or drinking in moderation in the first place is the best strategy but it’s too late for that.

Over the years I have uncovered several remedies that can help fast track the hangover and more importantly accelerate the detoxification process. I’m not talking about drinking allot of water, taking aspirin or some hair of the dog cocktail remedy, I’m talking about herbal and technological remedies.

My favorite herbal remedy is Bupleurum or the Chinese name Chai Hu (柴胡). Bupleurum is a medicinal root native to East Asia and has been around for a many centuries. It was first recorded in 280 AD. Bupleurum is a primary ingredient an ancient Chinese medicinal formula known as Xiao Chai Hu Tang, It is traditionally used to treat liver stagnation, and liver disease and to relieve infections, fever, irritability, hemorrhoids and indigestion.

I learned about Bupleurum years ago and I found it to basically squeeze the alcohol and other toxins right out of your liver. Only hours after taking my first dose I felt the difference and after cycling through a couple weeks, fantastic.

I’ve tried many versions of Bupleurum over the years but after trial and error I found that Planetary Herbals makes the best. Out of all the detox remedies we will explore this is definitely the best bang for your buck.

Ill discuss the other detox remedies in a follow on post, one is a bit controversial as it involves electricity and using your body to complete a circuit. It’s alive!

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