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You Did It!

Congratulations, you have just gone five weeks without drinking. This is quite an accomplishment that you’ve achieved. Revel in this achievement. Others will say they can stop, but they lack the motivation to try and the willpower to succeed. Unlike you, they will never reap the health benefits you have just gained by allowing your body time to rest and heal.

Take a picture of yourself and compare it to one taken 5 weeks

ago. You should notice a significant difference. In general, you should look healthier and feel younger. Any achiness is gone, you lost weight, your face shrunk, nose shrunk, belly shrunk, reaction time increased and balance restored.

Where do we go from here? Some may quit for good, others will take up exactly where they left off, and many will never look at drinking in quite the same way.

Just as hard as it was to quit, it will be almost as hard to start again. If you choose to start drinking again, the first drink will feel almost as if you are putting poison in your body. It’s crazy, but you will actually need to talk yourself into it. For some that feeling of forcing yourself will be the deciding factor.

If you choose to resume drinking, please remember that your body has changed. You will not be able to consume at the same level you could some five weeks ago. Proceed with caution you are now a “light weight” and a “cheap date”. Please drink responsibly for yourself and those you care about.

We will be back for another Live4Five dry season “Summer Loving” that starts on July 9 and goes to August 12.

In the meantime, keep your eye out for upcoming “Open Season” events that all support our charitable causes.

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