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Beginning week three

If you just finished the second week of your non drinking binge your body has begun the detoxification process. Let’s face it you are beginning to experience withdrawal symptoms. The more you normally drink the greater those symptoms.

If you haven’t already, you will begin experiencing a runny nose, nausea from draining sinuses, and gas which comes with the added benefit of a shrinking stomach. It’s a safe bet to assume your body is burning off that alcohol sugar you’ve stored up.

As you expel this toxin from your body you will also experience a better night sleep, the tingling in your tong dissolving, loosening in your jaw and an improvement in general achiness.

I commend you on taking this journey to help yourself and others. You have chosen to prove that you are a master of your own destiny and not a slave chained down to repeat the same old episode over and over.

You are just getting started, there is much more to come over the next three weeks.

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