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Below are some testimonials from some people who have healed their body and helped to change the world.  

Jason N. | MI

Just finishing up my 5 week challenge and still going strong.  Going to Super Bowl party tonight and won't be drinking. Don't miss it at all either. I am probably going to at least my birthday next month without a drink, and maybe beyond.  Thank you for challenging me, I feel awesome and I’ve dropped 5 pounds since I started.  Most of that was beer weight.  Please keep giving me the updates and all happenings that are going on!!  Have a great day! 

Joel R. | CA

“I dropped 9lbs on Live4Five and felt great.  What a great program and kudos to the important charities it supports.”

John H. | FL

“I am a huge advocate of Live4Five, though I am on my own little break (28 yrs): )  Once you clean your system it’s difficult to go back.  Life is still beautiful!.”

Kyle M. | MI

“I recently completed the L45 challenge. It wasn't the easiest task to accomplish while being in college and a fraternity. But as someone who has alcoholism in his family, the importance of abstaining from alcohol for periods of time cannot be understated. Thank you to for challenging me to accomplish this feat.”

John S. | MI

"Week#1 was a feeling out week, getting used to not having a beer when bored. Week#2 started to notice some changes like better sleep and more energy. Week#3 feeling good hit the gym for some exercise. Week#4 and 5 sailed by with less joint stiffness and less alcohol calories helping me drop 10lbs all together."

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